Turnkey and guaranteedRope park

Design, manufacture and installation according to standards.

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Park example

Rope park
is a great solution for landscaping

Creating space for outdoor activities and landscaping is a steadily growing trend in every municipality.

  • Development of a turnkey design project
  • Manufacturing and installation Launching the
  • facility into operation

We carry out a full production cycle производства
Rope park.

We work on:

  • prepaid and
    postpaid system
  • calendar plan
  • Post-warranty
    customer service
  • Idea
  • Production on time
  • Quality installation
Парк "Преодоление"

of rope parks

  • 1000m2 assembly and metalwork shop, 700m2 woodworking shop allow us to process large orders
  • Successful experience of working with large companies

We work on a turnkey basis

We carry out a full cycle:

  • Design (we will select and implement an idea in a 3D sketch if you don’t like the typical model)
  • Design (Architectural solution with reference to the area)
  • Production (quality control at all stages of production, using proven materials)
  • Installation (on-site team with tools or installation supervision, special equipment is called on site at the time of need)
Большой высокий парк

Result Guaranteed

At the legal level, we certify the terms and give a guarantee for the high-quality fulfillment of our obligations. In fact, we strive to pleasantly surprise the customer and make an exchange with an excess in order to leave only a positive impression. For the entire period of operation of our fleets (< 10 years), not a single unit of the working or safety system has collapsed.

Парк сверху

Post-Launch Service

Throughout the year, our specialists will support your fleet at all stages of operation and seek to improve the competence of your instructors. Our partners will train and issue certificates on the spot.

income calculatorRope park as a business

Calculate the revenue for 12 months of park operation
Revenue per month
33 600 $
Revenue for the year
403 200 $
  • Low permeability
  • Middle
  • High
  • Very high
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park area

Rope park modular

  • Can have up to 3 tiers
  • May include routes:
    • Children's
    • Teenager
    • Family
    • Extreme
  • It can be located at a height of 0.5 m to 10 m.
  • Can take up minimal space

Rope parquet on supports

  • Can have up to 3 tiers
  • May include routes:
    • Children's
    • Teenager
    • Family
    • Extreme
  • It can be located at a height of 0.5 m to 10 m.
  • Have cross stages

Rope park in the trees

  • Can have up to 3 tiers
  • May include routes:
    • Children's
    • Teenager
    • Family
    • Extreme
  • It can be located at a height of 0.5 m to 10 m.
  • Have a total length of more than 1 km. and trolls up to 100 meters

Zip coaster

  • Various route options. Good for:
    • Children
    • Teenagers
    • Families
    • Extreme
  • Can be positioned at different heights
  • New attraction!


A personal manager will help you choose rope park for your budget.

Advantages Advantages


Materials used::

  • Galvanized cables and fasteners (do not rust)
  • Synthetic ropes (do not rot)
  • Dry treated wood (does not crack)


Security Guaranteed::

  • Long-term operation of the insurance systems and the working system
  • Passports and certificates of quality of materials, test reports of units
  • Experience in the installation and operation of rope parks


In appearance, the rope park can have different styles::

  • Antique
  • Robin Hood
  • Pirate Ship
  • Ancient China
  • Minions
  • Transformers
  • Spiderman
  • Superheroes

Step by stepHow we are working

Call to the company


Call our company or leave a request on the site.

Commercial offer


We will prepare a personal offer after discussing all the details with you.



After you have agreed on cost, you signed the contract.



After receiving the advance payment, we start making rope park to specification.

Sending the park to the customer


After manufacturing, we send your park to you by a transport company.

Assistance in the installation


Our best specialists come to the installation site and help install and set up the park.

Park launch


The park begins to work and bring you profit

Park maintenance


After 4-6 months, our specialist will maintain the rope park.

reviews our customersabout us

Julia and Sergey Sokolov


Once my wife and I were walking in the park and saw a rope course in the trees. There was a desire to do something similar in my city. On the recommendation of the owner of the rope town, we turned to "Outride Park". After some coordination on the territory, the park was built. Now we are working. The park paid off in 4 months fully worked.

Elena Zhban


I was looking for information on rope parks, I came across the website of the company "Outride Park". They called a specialist who organized all the work on the construction. After 4 weeks, the rope park was launched. They work quickly and smoothly, I recommend!

Mikhail Gavrilov


Previously applied for services to another company for rope parks. A year later, I decided to expand. I invited specialists from "Outride Park", I was pleasantly surprised, as a result, the quality of installation and manufacturing turned out to be much higher, and the cost of services was lower. I recommend!

Emily and Mike


We have been thinking about opening a rope town for a long time, we called many companies and received many offers. The offer of the company "Outride Park" suited us more than others. Good luck in job!

reviewsabout our park